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The devices of A.V.E. Audio Vertriebs- Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH are carefully manufactured and the functionality is submitted to an austere final control. Should nevertheless the products have a defect within the warranty period the following warranty can be claimed in addition to statutory rights (for example product liability) which are entitled to the buyer against the seller.


1. Scope of warranty

A.V.E. Audio Vertriebs- Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH ensures the device has no defects in material and/or workmanship..


The buyer can claim the warranty service if a fault develops

  • in microphones, mixing amplifiers and amplifiers
    within 24 months

  • in mixers and Ascolto-Line-Array-loudspeakers
    within 36 months

  • in passive sound columns
    within 60 months

The warranty starts from the purchase date of brand new and unused products by the first-time final customer. For verification the proof of purchase is required. Without proof of purchase repairs are basically charged. The proof of purchase shall contain the product description and the date of purchase.



2. Warranty services

Provably faulty goods or parts shall be replaced or repaired free of charge. The warranty includes packaging and transport costs. If we refuse to accept the remediation or if the remediation fails equivalent substitute will be delivered at customer request free of charge within the warranty time.


As a condition the device doesn't show external damage caused by improper handling. Performance of warranty acts does neither cause a prolongation of the warranty period nor does it initiate a new warranty period. The guarantee claim limit for replaced components shall end with the guarantee limit for the complete product.



3. Excluded from this warranty are:

  • Minor deviations in the agreed quality of the product which do not affect the product's value and intended use.

  • Easily breakable parts

  • Defects that are caused by improper use (e.g. operating errors, mechanical damages, wrong operation voltage, non-professional installation and assembly). Proper use is defined and described in the instruction manual.

  • Defects through wear.

  • Damage as a result of modifications of AVE products without the prior written consent of AVE

  • Defects that have been caused by use of accessory parts, additional components or space parts which are no genuine parts.

  • Defects due to force majeur

  • Transport damages , which have not been caused by us

  • Defects known to the customer at the date of purchase

Removal and modification of the type plate, serial number or security label mounted on the product will invalidate the warranty agreement. Defects caused by interference in the product by not authorized persons or workshops are not covered by the warranty.


After the warranty period the costs of repair, packaging and transport are taken over by the buyer.







Guarantee 24 months



mixing amplifiers




Guarantee 36 months





Digitale Tonsäule


Guarantee 36 months



passive sound columns




Guarantee 60 months



Ave Ascolto mit Kind








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