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DMX-66 is a powerful digital mixer with 6 micro/line inputs and 6 outputs. It offers a wide range of functions and provides the user with a great support in acoustically problematic rooms.







DMV-64 and DMV-96

are powerful mixing amplifiers with 6+1 microphone/line inputs and 4 outputs (DMV-64) or 8+1 microphone/line inputs and 6 outputs (DMV-96) Both units are available with 1-channel amp or 2-channel amp and different output powers. DMV-64 and DMV-96 offer a wide range of functions. They are excellently suitable for irradiation of acoustically problematic rooms like churches, conference rooms, lecture halls and so on.








Streaming Media Server

DMX-66, DMV-64 and DMV-96 are live audio streamers.

They record audio from an input/output channel, encode it and send it to a streaming server.

Thank to live streaming people can listen to the running recording.

It can be used to create an internet radio station or a privately running jukebox and many things in between.

By the versatility new formats can be added easily.

Support of open standards for communication and interaction.

DMX-66, DMV-64 and DMV-96 support TCP/IP, UDP, RTSP and RTMP streaming protocols.


SacroExpo Logo

Sacroexpo in Kielce/Polen
11 June to 13 June 2018

Even the bishops are impressed of the AVE products


10 to 13 May 2018

The digital sound columns of AVE aroused a great interest at prolight + sound in Guangzhou/China


We would like to thank the numerous visitors of our booth at Prolight + Sound.


11-13 April 2018
China National Convention Center (CNCC)

Our Chinese business partner Yukon Advance Tech International presented successfully the current range of AVE products.

LH-0825 The digital Line Array Ascolto LH 0825

- improves significantly the quality of transmission

- Is excellently suited for acoustically problematic rooms

- focusses the sound energy directly to the public, minimizing the effects of the sound
  reflections of the ceiling and the side walls

  - fulfills all aesthetic and architectural requirements 

- especially suitable for cathedrals, churches, mosques, theatres, lecture halls, airports,
  railway stations…
koba 2017 ave At the Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show

koba logo 2017. 5. 16 – 19 in Seoul

daonsd - Korean business partner of AVE - presented
the digital line arrays of our series Ascolto.

St. Nikolaus-Kirche in Grudziądz New sound system in the basilica of Saint Nicholas in Grudziądz
Our Polish partner company Aplauz installed in the basilica of Saint Nicholas in Grudziądz
system with digital active sound columns of the AVE series Ascolto MH 4025.


Kloster Batalha

Domotron Firmenlogo

Domotron – exclusive trading partner for Portugal and Spain
Domotron is since a number of years exclusive trading partner of AVE Stuttgart for Portugal and has now also a subsidiary in Spain.
Domotron installed a sound system of AVE Stuttgart in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Batalha monastery where the Portuguese kings are buried.

Andante 16 T mit Touch New functions for Andante 16
The latest version of Andante 16 offers many advantages:
- Reduction of comb filter effects
- Reduction of problems such as background noise, rumble, reverberation
- Effective suppression of feedback


Domkirche St. Eberhard in Stuttgart AVE installed a new sound system in the St. Eberhard Cathedral in Stuttgart