AVE Ascolto line arrays – now available with Dante™ interface.


AVE Digitally Controlled Line Array series

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New: AVE condenser microphone with lighting


condenser microphone with lighting

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WP S 210 F1 – digital procession loudspreaker

WP 210 F1 – digitaler Prozessionslautsprecher

  • with 2 radio microphones

  • connection: MP3, AUX

  • and a lot of more.


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EV 501 D Digitaler
One-channel amplifier


EV 501 D Endstufe


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Atlantic-T 16 LZ
Passiv Line Array


Atlantic-T-16LZ Tonsäule


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Kölner Dom von Innen


Acoustic irradiation of the Marienkirche with digital sound columns and additionally suitable song indicators



Acoustic irradiation of the high altar with digital sound columns and additionally suitable song indicators





To guarantee an optimum sound result, acoustic simulations were realized during the acoustic realization of the project by which the best kind and the positioning of the sound columns could be checked in the chamber and be clarified.


Akustische Simulation


With acoustic simulation software (from Duran audio developed) the spatial structure is recorded and the sound columns are positioned.






By the assessment of an audio system different parameters must be checked and evaluated. One of the most important ones is the speech intelligibility.

The simulation software DDA can estimate the result of the speech intelligibility which can be reached in a chamber. To estimate these values, the software makes a calculation of the direct sound and the resonance at every place, based on the reference parameters of the sound column and the values of the back resonance in the chamber.







Press announcements to the project


Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung:

  Hightech trifft Gotik: Soundanlagen der Firma AVE aus Bietigheim sind nun
im Kölner Dom installiert,
  "Das Ergebnis ist überzeugend" A.V.E. installierte im Kölner Dom eine neue Beschallungsanlage mit ausgeklügeltem Konzept  

WDR Fernsehen, Lokalzeit:

  Beschallungsanlage Kölner Dom  
  Neue Töne für den Kölner Dom