AVE Ascolto line arrays – now available with Dante™ interface.


AVE Digitally Controlled Line Array series

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New: AVE condenser microphone with lighting


condenser microphone with lighting

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WP S 210 F1 – digital procession loudspreaker

WP 210 F1 – digitaler Prozessionslautsprecher

  • with 2 radio microphones

  • connection: MP3, AUX

  • and a lot of more.


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EV 501 D Digitaler
One-channel amplifier


EV 501 D Endstufe


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Atlantic-T 16 LZ
Passiv Line Array


Atlantic-T-16LZ Tonsäule


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AH6435 Design with 2 BeamsAH6435 Design with 5 Beams


AVE Line Array User Control software introduces "EASY Multi-Beam Design" and reach 100 Percent of Your Audience!

AVE Line Array User Control software introduces EASY Multi-Beam, an advanced multi-beam design for multi-zone sound control that allows easy steering setup of independent audio lobes with different aiming directions and intensities.

EASY Multi-Beam technique conveys audio energy over different spatial regions within the same environment and reveals to be significant helpful to achieve perfect sound coverage such as audio diffusion along the nave of the church and towards higher balconies.

In addition, this design technique contributes to solve practical audio installation requirements such as avoiding critical feedback issues between sources and close microphone placements.

AVE Line Array User Control software support up-to 5 independent beams and up-to 3 different arbitrary listening zones.

All series of Ascolto digital steering columns are multi-beam ready.


Ascolto FF

Pioneering technology in elegant design

For all kind of applications where highest standards are in demand

Unbelievable clear and briliant spectrum of sounds

Constant fantastic hearing experience

By high sound pressure highest sound needs are fulfilled even at low volumes

High-quality neodymium 2-way -4"-coaxial loudspeaker

70 W digital power stage per loudspeaker

Optional Dante network card for all Ascolto Line Array

Universal operating areas
Churches and mosques
Concert halls, lecture halls, auditoria
railway stations

and much more
Ascolto FF Serie


A.V.E. enjoys in whole Europe a very big respect. The quality of our products is convincing by:


  • persuasive sound
  • the highest reliability
  • easy service
  • high-class processing
  • perfect harmonising of the different components



A.V.E. – Your partner in broadcasting technology


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Your worship service live on the internet

Frau in Kirche

The believers in your congregation do not have to miss out on the Sunday service. Talk to us if you would like to broadcast your service live with picture and sound via YouTube. The prerequisite for a live broadcast is internet access, either via an existing connection or wirelessly via WLAN or LTE.

We provide you with a complete package that can be used flexibly, is simple to set up and easy to operate. Our Plug&Play package is completely pre-configured and therefore ready for operation within a very short time.

Set up the units, switch on, done.

If no Internet access is available, a live recording can be made via mobile radio. Find out more about our Plug&Play packagehere and request our offer.

Of course, pure recording on a memory card is also possible. We will be happy to advise you on how you can professionally record your services and post them on the internet in a time-delayed format.

The system is expandable. Thus, even after the Corona crisis, it can be used without restrictions in an extended configuration with several cameras and e.g. insertion of song lyrics.