ISA 250

Induction loop amplifier


The induction loop amplifier ISA 250 powers induction loops inside rooms. Reception loops are built into most hearing aids. The audio signal from the induction loops is much better for the hearing impaired than the acoustic signal.
This is the result of the broad frequency spectrum fed into the loop and the compression used in the amplifier that enables the hearing impaired to hear low level music or speech.
The new ISA 250 is adjustable for room sizes up to 1000 sqm, 500 sqm, 200 sqm or 100 sqm. Therefore only one model covers all applications.

Technical Data:

• For induction loops of widely varying sizes
• Peak current 12.7 A
• up to 1000 sqm, 8.8 A maximum, preinstalled, jumper adjustment
• up to 500 sqm, 6.7 A maximum, jumper adjustment
• up to 200 sqm, 4.3 A maximum, jumper adjustment
• up to 100 sqm, 3 A maximum,pre-installed, jumper adjustment
• Two balanced XLR microphone inputs
• Phantom power switchable
• XLR line input
• Line input with Eurobloc connector and 24 VDC for external mic/line amplifiers
• Built in compressor
• Metal correction potentiometer
• Drive potentiometer
• 3.5 mm connector for headphone monitoring
• All potentiometer knobs may be removed and covered by blinds to avoid mis-adjustment by unqualified users
• IEC power connector with 2 A fuse, slow blow



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