Sinus - 1K

Mixing amplifier


The AVE model sinus - 1K is a mixing amplifier with five mic / line inputs and a switchable CD / AUX input.
Each mic / line input is equipped with a GAIN control, a 3-band equalizer and a volume and power indicator.
The CD / AUX input comes with separate bass and treble controls. A 9-band graphic equalizer affects only the inputs 1 - 5

All sources are controlled by a master volume control. The SINUS - 1K comes with a VU meter and a display for clipping and protection.
The unit also features a variety of additional features such as a directly controllable output 0 - +6 dB, optional remote control, adjustable sensitivity for AUX.

The mixer amplifier sinus - 1K achieves optimum sound quality both in challenging church sound as well as other difficult acoustic environments.



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