ACM 10/250 XLR

Condenser microphone


The ACM 10/250 XLR electret is a premium quality gooseneck condenser microphone with a cardioid directivity pattern. It offers clear, rich in detail and assertive speech play back and it has a good feedback security. Because of its miniature capsule it appears elegant and unobtrusive. The microphone is available in different lengths.



Data sheet:

Phantom powering 24 - 48 Volt
Frequency response 60 - 18,000 Hz
Directivity pattern cardioid
Deviation of nominal curve ± 1 dB
Sensitivity 12 mV/Pa
Electrical impedance 200 Ω
Rear damping 20 dB
Connection XLR
Surface nickel plated or black anodized
Length 335 mm
Weight 130 g
Special colours NEXTEL grey/white
Brand AVE



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