AVE Ascolto line arrays – now available with Dante™ interface.


AVE Digitally Controlled Line Array series

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New: AVE condenser microphone with lighting


condenser microphone with lighting

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WP S 210 F1 – digital procession loudspreaker

WP 210 F1 – digitaler Prozessionslautsprecher

  • with 2 radio microphones

  • connection: MP3, AUX

  • and a lot of more.


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EV 501 D Digitaler
One-channel amplifier


EV 501 D Endstufe


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Atlantic-T 16 LZ
Passiv Line Array


Atlantic-T-16LZ Tonsäule


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Our services



Objective and professional advice about sound systems, inductive hearing loops in accordance with DIN EN 60118-4: 2014, technical media units for transmission of sound and images, live streaming.



After a detailed customer talk in which all requirements are clearly formulated the planning and preparing of an offer or service specifications take place.


Special installations

Production of special models requested by the customer.



Installation, mounting, calibration of installed systems, commissioning and instruction of operating personnel, handover to the user, service and maintenance once a year if a maintenance contract was concluded.



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